Work at a Turkish hotel. Overview

Often, hotel staff tends to migrate from one hotel to another in specific groups, consisting of like-minded individuals, either in response to a conflict situation that arose at their previous place of work or following their “leader” – who could be the head chef, for example, taking a portion of their team with them. It also happens that a change in hotel ownership leads to a group of employees conspiring and transitioning to another establishment.

In all hotels, the majority of the staff, approximately 70%, work on the lower floors: laundry, kitchen, storage rooms, human resources department, various technical departments, and so on. Similarly, the staff entrance is always located in the same vicinity: downstairs and away from the public eye. Despite the air conditioning functioning well in these areas, it is always hot and there is barely any fresh air to breathe.

Work at a Turkish hotel. Overview
Hotel lobby

As for the employees working at the reception, it is expected that they receive significant tips, sometimes even more than their base salary.

Negatives and peculiarities of working in a Turkish hotel.

According to a female employee who worked at the reception in one of the five-star hotels in Turkey, there are downsides to consider.

One of the main drawbacks is the dress code for employees, particularly at the reception, which typically includes a skirt, shirt, vest, and high-heeled shoes. Being on your feet all day in such footwear can cause numbness in your feet by the end of the work shift.

Work at a Turkish hotel. Overview
Staff relaxation in a Turkish hotel

The second significant drawback, although not in terms of importance, is related to how the staff is fed. There is no resemblance to a buffet, and there seems to be a lack of variety. However, the issue lies not in the variety but rather in the quality of the food. Often, employees try to have a hearty breakfast at home before their shift to endure until they return home for dinner. While on duty, they can only snack on a bar and a cup of coffee.

Regarding the food aspect, it is important to note that the ingredients used for staff meals were not fresh at all and were stored under questionable conditions.

Quite often, while working at a hotel, employees may encounter complaints from guests regarding the disappearance of certain belongings. For the staff, this means conducting inspections of personal items and reviewing surveillance footage.

Work at a Turkish hotel. Overview
Room in a Turkish hotel

However, it often happens that these accusations turn out to be false. The missing items are sometimes found in the guest’s room or elsewhere. An interesting incident occurred once when a man claimed that his expensive wristwatch had been stolen, only to discover later that it was calmly resting on the bedside table in his own home, as he had forgotten to bring it on vacation.

It is also no secret that the staff frequently encounters rude and disrespectful behavior from hotel guests, which can be quite unpleasant.

Another interesting story from a hotel employee.

Once, when arriving for the morning shift, the hotel was in complete chaos as there was an investigation underway regarding the discovery of human feces in a guest’s mini-bar refrigerator. Unfortunately, the culprit responsible for this incident was never found. Reviewing the surveillance footage yielded no results. However, as a result of this incident, the management began conducting room inspections too frequently and excessively. Unable to withstand the pressure, the housekeeping staff and their supervisor eventually resigned.

Work at a Turkish hotel. Overview
The hotel through the eyes of an employee

As for the couple who discovered this disgraceful incident, they chose not to make a scene, and the hotel management provided them with another room as an apology, which had a splendid sea view.

Tips and gifts.

Leaving tips or not is voluntary, at least in Turkey. Of course, everyone, without exception, will be happy to receive tips and any gifts from guests. However, it is not customary to demand or insist on them. Typically, tourists leave tips in a designated box at the reception. This signifies their overall satisfaction with the staff’s work. However, it is also common for guests to develop their own “favorites,” in which case the tips and gifts are intended for specific employees.

Working in a Turkish hotel. Overview.
The swimming pool at the hotel when there are no tourists.

There is also a reverse side when guests expect preferential treatment from the hotel. Lately, it has become common for bloggers, who have varying numbers of followers, to believe that the hotel must provide them with something for free. Some even threaten to leave negative reviews all over the internet. In such contentious situations, a manager is usually called upon to resolve these issues quickly and amicably.

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